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Dual Fuel Cookers with FSD fitted Price Comparison for UK Dual Fuel Retailers

Dual Fuel Cookers

R - Range Cooker
FSD - Flame Safety Device


AEG Dual Fuel Cookers

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Cannon Dual Fuel Cookers

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Dual Fuel Cookers with FSD


Cannon CH60DTCF

Cannon CH60DPCF

Cannon CH60DTXF

Cannon CH60DHKF

Cannon C60DPCF

Cannon C60DPXF

Cannon 10450GF (R)

Cannon 10455G (R)

Cannon 10456G (R)


Delonghi DC-60DF (R)


Hotpoint HUD61P

Hotpoint HUD61G

Hotpoint HUD61K

Hotpoint HUD61X

Hotpoint CH60DPXF


Indesit IT50D1X

Indesit IS50DIX

Indesit KDP60SE


Kenwood CK230FS


Smeg SUK61MPX5 (FSD)

Smeg SUK81MBL5 (FSD)

Smeg SUK91MBL5 (R & FSD)

Smeg A2-6 (R)

Smeg A3-6 (R)


Stoves MRJA

Stoves MRBK

Stoves FS61DFDO

Stoves 550DF


DUAL FUEL COOKERS are cookers with gas hobs and electric ovens giving you the control of gas rings and faster pre-heat time of an electric oven.

From 1 January 2008, all new gas or dual fuel cookers in multi-occupancy dwellings such as flats MUST BE FITTED with Flame Supervision Devices (FSD) also known as Flame Safety Devices. These automatically cut-off the supply of gas should the flame go out preventing a dangerous build-up of gas. Most dual fuel cooker models do not have FSD fitted so you need to check the specifications of the models if you live in a flat or other multi-occupancy dwelling.

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Prices below include any discount code where applicable but you will need to enter the listed discount code in a promotional code box on the basket page of the relevant retailer to buy the dual fuel cooker at the displayed price. Extras which are optional are the Installation charge to connect a dual fuel cooker to existing pipework where a retailer offers this service and the Scrap charge to take away an old appliance. If you don't arrange a retailer to connect the dual fuel cooker, you will need to arrange for a Corgi gas engineer to do this. Retailers which offer products on credit terms are listed with a Yes under Credit.



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Dual Fuel Cookers

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