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ZANUSSI ZCG662GNC Gas Cooker Price Comparison

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Zanussi ZCG662GWC (FSD)

Zanussi ZCG662GNC (FSD)

Zanussi ZCG662GXC (FSD)




SOME RETAILERS offer exclusive discount vouchers for orders placed on the internet which provide additional savings when compared with buying a new gas cooker from a High Street store. The price comparisons below include these discount vouchers where applicable to show the cheapest price for your new gas cooker. Electrical retailers currently offering a discount voucher are listed below. When the term "Use Voucher" appears in red beside a retailers name in the price comparisons below, then you must use the relevant discount voucher code listed below to obtain the gas cooker at the discounted price.

FAST DELIVERY: if you are looking for a new gas cooker to be delivered within two or three working days, CO-OP ELECTRICAL SHOP offer low prices and a fast delivery service within two working days from placing your order for many popular models and Comet, Currys, Dixons & Appliances Online may be able to offer prompt delivery. You will need to check the delivery availability in your post code area on the retailer's website.


     OVENS - Single or Double Oven
GRILL - Separate grills allow you to cook using the grill and oven at the same time,
HOBS - total number of gas burners
     LPG - some gas cookers can be converted to run on Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)
     IGNITION - battery ignition is not dependant on mains electricity for operation
     FSD- Flame Supervision Device (FSD) automatically cuts off supply if flame goes out. From 1 January 2008, you cannot fit a new gas cooker to a multi-dwelling building such as a flat without FSD fitted.
PROGRAM - more advanced models have fully programmable facilities
     CATALYTIC - some gas ovens have catalytic liners which greatly help the cleaning of ovens
     H - height in mm     W - width in mm    D - depth in mm



Prices below include any discount code where applicable but you will need to enter the listed discount code in a promotional code box on the basket page of the relevant retailer to buy the gas cooker at the displayed price. Extras which are optional are the Installation charge to connect a gas cooker to existing pipework where a retailer offers this service and the Scrap charge to take away an old appliance. If you don't arrange a retailer to connect the gas cooker, you will need to arrange for a Corgi gas engineer to do this. Retailers which offer products on credit terms are listed with a Yes under Credit.



Discount Code

Price + Delivery





Zanussi ZCG662GNC gas cooker Zanussi ZCG662GNC


No Discount Code


Zanussi ZCG662GNC gas cooker





Zanussi ZCG662GNC gas cooker Zanussi ZCG662GNC


No Discount Code


Zanussi ZCG662GNC gas cooker





 ZCG662GNC gas cooker "Zanussi ZCG662GNC Gas Cooker, Black"


No Discount Code


Zanussi ZCG662GNC gas cooker





 ZCG662GNC gas cooker "Zanussi ZCG662GNC Gas Cooker - Black, Black"


No Discount Code


Zanussi ZCG662GNC gas cooker





 ZCG662GNC gas cooker "Zanussi ZCG662GNC 60cm wide Double Oven Gas Cooker"


No Discount Code


Zanussi ZCG662GNC gas cooker





THE price comparisons above for the ZANUSSI ZCG662GNC gas cooker shows a price difference including delivery of £40.06 between the maximum price of £580 from "BHS Direct" and the cheapest price of £539.94 from Hispek Electronics.

"Enjoy flexibility and freedom in your kitchen with the freestanding Zanussi ZCG662GNC Gas Cooker . Perfect for hosting The Zanussi ZCG662GNC 's 79 litre extra large-capacity main oven, 34 litre secondary oven, variable sized hob burners and full-width variable grill are ideal for cooking several dishes at once making the most complex meals simple to prepare and hassle-free to cook - perfect for hosting those lavish dinner parties! Safety first The gas hob keeps you extra-safe, thanks to the Zanussi ZCG662GNC 's gas safety cut-out system. As soon as a flame goes out, the gas is cut off, so you need not worry! The Zanussi ZCG662GNC 's ovens have air cooled double glazed doors to reduce outer temperatures for added safety too. Easy access controls Ideally positioned at the front of the hob, the controls of the Zanussi ZCG662GNC are easy to see and access, which means you don't need to bend or step away from the cooker to change the heat settings. And getting it lit has never been easier - turn and press the knob to release and light the gas in one go. For total peace of mind, the Zanussi ZCG662GNC Gas Cooker comes with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty."

"The smart black Zanussi ZCG662GNC slot-in gas cooker is powerful and versatile, with the features and capacity to serve your busy kitchen with ease The hob has four burners with enamel pan supports, including one 3.2kw rapid ring - perfect for woks. The controls are angled up so you can easily make adjustments and monitor settings at a glance. Underneath is the top oven and powerful variable grill. It features a full-size viewing window and is catalytic lined The main oven is a deceptively large 77 litre capacity and is catalytic lined for straightforward cleaning - all the fat that lands on these surfaces burns off in the heat of the roasting process, leaving only the floor and the roof of the cavity to be wiped over. The ZCG662GNC also features a minute minder to time all of your meals to perfection All gas appliances must be installed by a GasSafe registered engineer."

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